Benefits of Charitable Bequests

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  • You Can Make a Real Impact

    Bequests allow many individuals to make much larger gifts than they could during their lifetime. This is particularly appealing to donors who want their gift to “amount to something,” but haven’t had the means to make a substantial donation before.

  • You Can Honor or Memorialize a Loved One

    Bequests provide the opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one through the establishment of a fund.

  • You Enhance the Value of Your Estate

    Bequests enable savvy donors to avoid federal and state estate taxes. As with other financial decisions, it is important to consult legal counsel to maximize the benefits of your estate planning.

  • You Have One Last Opportunity to Demonstrate Your Values for Your Children and Heirs

    In most cases, the last communication you have with your children and heirs is through your will. Bequests to the RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California, a program of the California Scottish Rite Foundation is a way of communicating your values; of saying, “This is important to me.”

  • You Determine the Legacy You Leave Behind

    Bequests allow you to decide what your legacy will be and the kind of impact you have on the future. You can earmark your bequest to RiteCare Childhood Language Centers, the Foundation General Fund, Scholarships the Americanism Program, or simply for use where needed the most. But whatever you choose, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will live on, providing these services and improving people’s lives for years to come. Just as you wanted. Just as you Planned.