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A charitable lead trust is often called the reverse of a charitable remainder trust. During the term or life of the charitable lead trust, an annuity or untrust income interest is distributed each year to the designated charitable beneficiary and the assets are eventually transferred to the trustor’s or grantor’s designated non-charitable beneficiary(ies).

The Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) is a powerful way to make a future transfer of assets to your heirs at a significantly reduced gift and estate tax cost, while also providing the California Scottish Rite Foundation with income. During a specified number of years, the lives of one or more individuals, or a combination of the two, a contribution is paid to the Foundation. A lead trust may be structured to provide a fixed dollar contribution annually (CLAT) or a fixed percentage contribution (CLUT). At the end of the trust term, the assets pass to the beneficiaries the donor’s name. The donors choose the trustee.

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