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Board of Directors:

Robert M Wellington, Chairman
Adam D Buttons, Board Member
Kenneth P Dilley, Board Member
Jonathan P Dilley, Advisory Member
Timothy L Cable, Advisory Member
Marius D Popa, Board Member
Liviu I Barna, Board Member
Donald A Joe, Board Member

RiteCare Childhood Language Center of Long Beach Staff:

Nora Brosnan, Speech-Language Pathologist, Center Director
Dolmarie Chaidez, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Officers of the Foundation:

Frank Loui, Chairman of the Board
Arthur L. Salazar, Jr., Chief Financial Officer
John R. Heisner, Vice President
Raymond D Godeke, Secretary

Executive Management Team:

Frank Loui, Chairman of the Board
Raymond D. Godeke, Executive Vice President
John R. Heisner, Vice President
Arthur L. Salazar, Jr, Treasurer
Lynne S. Elwan, Chief Philanthropy Officer
Kristin R. Hoffman, Director of RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California